4 Safety Tips When Removing A Tree

Everybody wants to grow and save trees. However, it is sometimes impossible. Though tree removal is often the last resort, it might be necessary in many cases. No matter what the reasons are, tree removal should be handled safely and properly to avoid possible accidents. With that in mind, here are some basic safety tips to keep in mind when cutting down a tree in your property.

1. Always examine the trees before starting

The first thing that you need to do in a tree removal process is to examine the tree. Why do you decide to cut it down? If you think it is necessary to have a removal because the tree is dead, then it is better to hire a professional service because rotten trees can be dangerous to be cut down on your own. Dead branches or parts could easily fall on you when cutting.

Also, make sure to check if the tree is infected by any diseases to take suitable measures. Do not rush in removing the trees. Instead, it is important to understand the underlying reason because trees are complex organisms. If you don’t know anything about the trees, then it is better to call an experienced arborist for inspection and diagnosis. This will ensure you can remove any rotten limbs or branches and leave healthy parts.

2. Prepare the right protective and safety equipment

Whether you are planning to take care of a stump or perform a major removal, it is extremely important to purchase and wear the right safety gear. These include goggles, helmets, a durable pair of boots, and clothes. Also, keep in mind to wear a pair of safety gloves to keep your hands safe, earplugs to provide protection for the hearing, as well as a visible vest to make sure other people could see that you are working. In addition, it is advisable to work with an assistant who can watch out the falling treetop and alert you.

3. Read all of the directions for the tools and equipment

Removing a tree requires the use of many powerful tools such as chainsaws. Before starting, it is always important to read the manual guides carefully and follow these directions to ensure safety. Improper use with a sharp device would lead to serious hazards and accidents which might cause fatal injuries, even when you wear protective gear.

4. Know what you shouldn’t do

Many people often think that removing a tree can be easy. However, there are actually many things you should avoid during this process. For example, you should never remove a grown plant with a truck. Also, it is not suggested to use a truck to remove the stump because this would damage the truck and other areas in your property. Even worse, you can be at risks of injuries. If the tree is located near buildings or electric lines, it is better to hire a professional service (https://everwillingtrees.com.au) to avoid damaging these structures.

Understanding the Central Coast of Australia

Central Coast of Australia is the coastal region that borders the north of the capital, Sydney. It also borders the south of the second largest city called Newcastle. Located at the center of Newcastle and Sydney’s fastest flourishing corridor, Central Coast’s nearness to the major markets renders it as the best place to invest.

Are you looking forward to visiting the great Central Coast of Australia? Whether you are a local or a visitor, there are many facts you do not know about the Central Coast region. Luckily, here is the compilation of a comprehensive guide to help you understand some unique things about the Central Coast of Australia.

A Brief History of the Settlers

The native settlers of Central Coast of Australia region are the Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal tribe dwelled here for many thousands of years. You should as well understand that the Guringai and Darkinjung tribes were also among the first people to be encountered by British settlers.

The region had very small settlements at these early colonies, until when Sydney-Newcastle railway line was established. The construction of the railway line opened more opportunities including boosting tourism.


The Central Coast of Australia is a quiet semi-rural region located between the cities of Newcastle and Sydney. The Central Coast region of Australia represents a great opportunity for people to get away from the busy cities of Newcastle and Sydney without going far. As mentioned earlier, the Central Coast of Australia lies between a busy business corridor of the two cities. In fact, it takes you about 90 minutes to travel by car when there is no traffic. The region is divided between the two municipalities of Gosford located in the south of Wyong.


The region supports all means of transport. That means that you can travel by bus, car, train, ferry etc. The coastal areas of Central Coast are properly served by a Sydney train network rendering an economical way of visiting the area. Ettalong can be accessed by ferry from the Palm Beach by the passenger ferry. The Central Coast has great transport links that allow visitors and trader to commute easily within the region and outside.

Coastal Towns

The Central Coastal towns drive holidaymakers from Newcastle and Sydney because of its unique beachside markets, art curio galleries, and amazing cafés. The towns of Central Coast region offer great proximity to the famous family beaches of Avoca, Copacabana, and Macmasters. The main towns of Central Coastal include Brooklyn, Gosford, the Entrance, Wisemans Ferry, Woy Woy and Wyong to the north of Gosford City.